Take advantage of our spa, which can accommodate up to 6 people for a one-hour session (booking required at no extra charge, under-16s not permitted).

The spa is located on a terrace away from the other gîtes, under an arbour sheltered from the rain. Relax and enjoy the view over the gardens and pool.

A 40-minute session is available between 9pm and 11pm. Tick the "Spa under the stars" option when booking. "Spa under the stars" 40 minutes/€95

Opening hours

Open from 10am to 7pm, booking in advance required, 1-hour session at 38°C all year round at no extra charge. The spa is not open to under-16s, maximum capacity 6 people.

The spa is equipped with jets identical to those used in thalassotherapy, and there may be medical contraindications. We advise you to check with your doctor.

"Spa under the stars" 9pm to 11pm optional with reservation €95 (40-minute spa session for up to 6 people served with a local gourmet platter, (spa light in the colour of your choice).